• AROX Galley And Laundry Equipment
  • AROX -Galley And Laundry Equipment Arox is specialized on complete galley and laundry equipment supply for offshore and all kinds of ships, product quality, technology and service are widely accepted by ship owner and shipyards.              
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  • HELIDEX Helicopter Platform System
  • HELIDEX -Helicopter Platform System Helidex specializes in the design and manufacturing of aluminum helidecks for the offshore oil industry. Both engineering and fabrication are done in-house by qualified engineers, designers and fabricators. Most of our projects are certified by either DNV, ABS, LR or BV. We offer complete helideck packages for newbuilts, retrofits of steel to aluminum or timber to aluminum decks.
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  • EDARAN Landing Nets, Safety Nets
  • EDARAN  -Landing Nets, Safety Nets EDARAN’s helideck systems are supplied with CAP 437 compliant manila rope landing nets with S.S. accessories. Landing nets are supplied in the following sizes: ○ Small landing net: 9m×9m, ○Medium landing net: 12m×12m, ○Large landing net:15m×15m.
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  • EDARAN Foam System
  • EDARAN -Foaming System The EDARAN foam system includes self contained foam stations consisting of combined hose reels and monitors as per CAP 437 requirements. Steel bladder tanks meeting specific requirements are also provided depending on the client's requirements. EDARAN now supplies EDARAN DIFFS fire suppression systems consisting of either bronze nozzles fitted around the deck perimeter or pop-up S.S. nozzles fitted within the deck itself.  
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  • EDARAN Lighting System
  • EDARAN  -Lighting System EDARAN provide the complete lighting system consisting of the illumination system, solar power supply, monitoring instrumentation and other equipment required for the night operation of helidecks. We provide both Zone 1 and Zone 2 systems.
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  • Hose
  • Hose  We provide the professional offshore drilling platform hose, include the bulk mud hose,compressed-air hose,fire resistant hose ,drilling water hose,breathing hose ,drinking water hose,hydraulic hose etc.
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  • Oil Recovery System
  • Oil Recovery System Oil Recovery system: We can provide various types of skimmer systems, oil boom system, pump systems, power-packs and oil recovery boat etc.
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  • DEMCO Gate Valves
  • DEMCO -Gate Valves DEMCO Gate Valves, the premier designed Gate Valve in the oil and gas drilling market, specifically engineered for the rigorous requirements of oilfield applications. Designed for dependable, heavy duty performance in abrasive service conditions, DEMCO DM gate valves are commonly selected for a number of oilfield applications.  
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  • BARTEC Electric Heating System
  • BARTEC -Electric Heating System As the first electric heating system supplier in Europe, BARTEC has the world first-class electric heating engineering capability, to provide customers with a complete design, installation, commissioning and maintenance service, We manufacture and provide products and services Beneficial to environment, so that we establish the foundation to trust each other, and strengthen the relationship with customers. BARTEC is the sole supplier of Airbus for electric heating OEM.
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  • BARTEC Electric Integration in Hazardous Area - Junction Boxes
  • BARTEC- Electric Integration in Hazardous Area - Junction Boxes The explosion-proof junction box developed and produced by BARTEC can be used in dangerous environment of potentially explosive gas, to protect environment, radiation protection and ensure the normal operation of industrial equipment.  
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